Aathithya Kadukkai Churanam (75G)


Since ancient times, medicinal plants have been pivotal in treating diseases.

Kadukkai Churanam, derived from Terminalia Chebula or Kadukkai fruit detoxified in Aloe Vera, is a versatile remedy. Renowned as the “King of Medicine” in Tibet, Kadukkai holds a prominent place in traditional healing practices due to its remarkable therapeutic properties.


 From the dawn of civilisation, Medicinal plants have played an integral part in human society to combat diseases . 

    Aathtiya Kadukkai Curanam prepared using Terminalia Chebula or Kadukkai fruit detoxified in Aloe Vera serves as a wonder cure for many ailments like Jaundice , Eye diseases , Blood Clot, Constipation , Ascites and Poisoning . Termed as the King of Medicine in Tibet, Kadukkai is always listed at the top in traditional medicines because of its extraordinary power of healing. 

 Kadukkai has been demonstrated to possess multiple pharmacological and medicinal activities ,,such as anti oxidant , anti microbial anti diabetic and anti inflammatory activity . The Curanam , the totally detoxifed medicinal powder has been prepared with great care following the norms specified in Siddha Sasthriya Medicine.

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