Aathithya oma tinner/Water


Aathithya Oma Tineer offers a traditional herbal solution to digestive discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting. Crafted from medicinal Oma seeds, renowned for their digestive benefits, this remedy promotes a healthy appetite and aids digestion. Convenient and readily available, it’s a natural way to rejuvenate your body and support overall well-being.


Aathithya Oma Tineer is a purely traditional herbal preparation to give relief from digestive disorders, diarrhoea and vomiting . A healthy body is most essential for a harmonious life . It is only a good appetite and a restful sleep that helps one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But in the modern era digestive disorders have become a common complaint leading to other illnesses. The unhealthy food habits , the consumption of fast foods and the mechanical life style results in all kinds of digestive issues , with age no bar. Oma Tineer comes as a boon for the restoration of a good appetite in our day to day life . The Oma seeds are highly medicinal and is a common ingredient used popularly in North India for culinary purposes . The use of these herbal seeds in many of the recipes helps in good digestion and prevents acidity . Omam mixed with water serves as a therapeutic cure for the digestive system and also a preventive measure for any other complaints associated with indigestion . This traditional remedy easily available comes in handy to rejuvenate our body and plays a vital role in everyday life .

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