Thinai’S Beetroot Malt


Beetroot malt Rich in Protein with appetizing taste * beetroot malt helps to increase hemoglobin count * Beetroot malt is best energy drink for children * Haemovite beetroot malt helps to regularizes menstrual cycle in women * Beetroot malt Nourishes pregnant women’s health * beetroot malt is alternate drink for tea/coffee * Haemovite beetroot malt is daily drink for all age groups * Beetroot malt Helps to increase stamina * Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D in beetroot malt strengthen bones & joints.

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Thinai’s Beetroot Malt (250g) offers a unique and nutritious blend crafted to boost your well-being. Made from the finest beetroot and wholesome grains, this malt is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With its vibrant color and earthy flavor, Thinai’s Beetroot Malt provides a delicious and refreshing way to energize your day. Whether enjoyed as a revitalizing drink or incorporated into smoothies and desserts, embrace the nourishing benefits of Thinai’s Beetroot Malt and revitalize your body from within.

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