Aathithya Triphala Curnam

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Aathithya’s Tripalai Curnam is a Siddha remedy for constipation, ulcers, wounds, and mouth ulcers. With Terminalia Chebula, Terminialia Belerica, and Embelica Officinalis as its key ingredients, this detoxified curnam offers maximum medicinal value. Experience effective relief for various ailments with this revered traditional remedy


Aathithya’s Tripalai Curnam is a Siddha medicinal remedy for constipation and ulcer . It is also a cleanser for wounds and mouth ulcer. 

 The ingredients , Terminalia Chebula , Termininalia Belerica and Embelica Officinalis  or popularly known in Tamil as Kadukkai , Thandrikkai and Nellikani respectively , are Indian traditional herbs and most sought after in the preparation Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines. 

The ingredients are thoroughly detoxified and the Curnam is prepared with great care to give maximum benefit for the users . The intense purification process lends the ingredients a rich medicinal value . The mixture of these purified ingredients in their right combination makes the Curnam a great remedy for Constipation and Ulcer . It also acts as a fine cleansing agent for wounds and mouth ulcers. 

 The medicinal herbs used, find a mention in the ancient writings of our sages and it is no wonder that Tripalai Curnam with its high efficacy will be a rewarding cure for the ailments specified.

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